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Read about the language services industry and how we can help you reach a wider market through translation, editing and localisation.

What We Do

At the Global Language Team we have access to over 3000 linguists worldwide available to handle your language project. We have a translation capacity of over 150,000 […]

Our Services

We source native translators in every language. We specialise in marketing, business, legal and financial, and technical, IT and engineering.

Proofreading/ Editing
Refining, perfecting, summarising or rewriting your documents.
We can help in any language and in any subject, with 17 years’ proofreading and editing experience, in virtually every subject area.

Specialised editing of language material into any locale anywhere in the world, for companies that have, or are developing, an international presence.

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious clients:

Our Management Team

Caroline Dennis

Caroline Dennis

Director/ Project Manager

Translator/ Proofreader (FR, EN)
Project Manager
18 years international experience

Ryan Dennis

Ryan Dennis

Director/ Project Manager

Technical Translator/ Editor (EN, AF, NL)
Project Manager
Procurement Specialist
22 years experience

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