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  • Caroline Dennis

At the Global Language Team we have access to over 3000 linguists worldwide available to handle your language project. We have a translation capacity of over 150,000 words per day and a proofreading/ localisation capacity of over 500,000 words per day. We are tech-savvy and enjoy using the latest in language services and project management software. This includes a combination of state of the art computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and cloud services. Our aim is to automate as many processes as possible, in order to enable error-free project management, perfect communication and consistent and high-quality translation, editing and localisation services.

This frees up our time to get to know you better as our client and how it is that we can best serve you, through a personalised and friendly service. We aim to understand your exact needs and expectations in order to deliver our best work for you. Whether you have a once off urgent document, or 1 million words to be translated within a month, a highly technical project, or something highly confidential, we have the experience, the tools and the people that can make it happen!

You can submit a project or message via our contact form on our Home page, or we are available via email at info@globallanguageteam.com, to chat online via our Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/globallanguageteam, on Skype (tedsmemory), or by phone at +27833765955. Please contact us anytime for a free quotation, consultation, or advice on how we can best help your business.

Caroline Dennis

Owner and manager of the Global Language Team

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